Saturday, March 31, 2007

sparkly brown princess top


spirals said...

this top is amazing. your skills are bad ass!

The Bishop Family said...

Vegbee. :) Lovely shirt! You are awesome! Are you looking for a dressform? It would make your sewing a lot easier! :) Tip: There are NO good children's dress forms out there. :) I made my girls from duct tape. :) The same way you would make an adult one. :) If you need photos email me. dianna.leigh@ :) Laters, Di

Charity Indietutes said...

Thanks spirals!

And thank you dianna, although its disappointing to hear. If I can't find a decent form I will make a duct tape one, and I want to make one for me also. Don't see why the kid should get all the great clothes!