Tuesday, July 17, 2007

red riding hood


Emily said...

Holy crap, that's cute. I don't suppose you'd mind posting a pattern and/or tutorial? I'm drooling!

Vegbee said...

hmmm... It wasn't difficult in anyway but I can can give you the shapes to cut on my tute blog if you would like? Give me a few days to work something up and I will let you know when you can find it.

Vegbee said...



Lane & Christian said...

omg! i WANT one of these for but I am a totaly newbie to sewing anything... I see the previous comment from Emily... do you have any help for me? I will send you my eddress if you want it!!

Vegbee said...

This copy and paste this link for a tutorial:


If you have any questions about the tute, just leave a comment on that thread.

Good luck!