Tuesday, February 12, 2008

pintuck'ed linen dress


alexis said...

Love that dress! You inspired me to make a patchwork skirt, and I hope it's ok, I linked to your blog from mine when I posted about it:

Charity Indietutes said...

of course its okay, and I love the skirt - so pretty!

Have you been over here yet?

Emily Cole said...

Wow, what a beautiful dress! I love the color! Your little girl's curls are so adorable, and she looks like she's in heaven with two new dresses! I'm working on a couple for my daughter right now too! Em

Trina said...

Love this dress! Did you draft your own pattern?

Charity Indietutes said...

Thanks trina,

The dress is a modified version of a New Look (by simplicity) pattern. I've made it a circle skirt instead of a gathered skirt, changed the sash, and add the bodice's embellishments.