Tuesday, April 29, 2008

infant lap tee


Miss S said...

Oh my God!!!! Is he....? Did you...?
He's so cute!!!!!

Charity Indietutes said...

I did :)


Anonymous said...

Yeah! He's here! Haven't been on craftster in awhile and this morning I decided to scan your name to see if the little one had arrived and there he was! I hopped over here to find some new pics (hopefully) and there he is in that adorable T!!!!

Rebekah said...

did you make this? if so where can i get the pattern!! ssooo cute!!! (the baby is adorable!)

Charity Indietutes said...

rebekah, when I made this I just made my own pattern. Find out here:


the address is to my other blog and the instructions to make a lap tee are near the bottom of this post.

Ady said...

He is Super adorable!!! Look at him working for the camera - just like big sis! Congrats Vegbee!