Tuesday, February 3, 2009

peasant blouse and patchwork rainbow twirl skirt


Unknown said...


Sew Little Fabric said...

That is the coolest skirt!! Is it just me or would that look ttally adorable as a pair of baggy bell bottom pants? Looooooove it!

I just found you tonight and your blogs are awesome! especially the tutes! I too love to reconstruct clothes for my 2 girls and new son and your sites are full of inspiation! thanks for being so generous!
Regards Paula

Sew Little Fabric said...

ooops sorry I meant to ask, how do you keep the backs of your patchwork clothes neat? what sort of seam allowance? or do you join them with the overlocker (serger)?

Charity Indietutes said...


I have a serger I'm rather fond of.

Thank you for the kind words!