Tuesday, July 24, 2007

'nother rainbow patch twirl dress


Anonymous said...

May I ask where you purchased your form? :D I love it! :D

That is such a gorgeous dress!!! I wish I was that talented at math!!! :)


Charity Indietutes said...

Its just a display mannequin, but it works well and I like it.

Ebay: seller happyman10_0

And thank you!

Samantha Caffee said...

Cute as pie! I like the patchwork.

Emily Cole said...

Wow, I love the rainbow patch twirly dress too!!! I need a pattern for that... did you use one or design it yourself? I am on the lookout for a tutorial! Em

Charity Indietutes said...

em, there is a tutorial on my other blog here: http://indietutes.blogspot.com/

btw, my monkey is in a Montessori preschool which we very much adore ;)

Jasper Illusian said...

*drools* Seriously, incredible.. I love rainbowy colorfulness. =) I totally am going to try to make one.